The beauty is the only reality

The Story of W.A

WA is a young studio.We build it tell the world our insistence is the chasing of beauty.Where can we see the charm of architecture?The light of the fire in a winter's cabin,the reflection of the blooming world from field, or the sound of dropping rain running into the walking path from cave?Good architectures are warm,we gather together to find the story behind every single building from different time,different space and culture.MA is more than looking,stories are meant to happen here,tales are meant to be told here. W.A 是一个年轻的工作室。 我们建立它是为了告诉世人建筑设计者对于美的执著。 什么是建筑的美? 寒冬凛冽中的小木屋透出的炉火微光? 陌上花开 田草间的房屋反射的周遭世界? 阴雨天老房子的屋檐滴下的雨露砸在青石板上的声音? 好的建筑是有温度的,我们聚集在一起,试图挖掘这种不同时间,不同光影,不同地域甚至不同文化背后的建筑故事。 W.A 不只是为了好看,做个有故事的人,做个讲故事的人。


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